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Zac Efron loves the Philippines

What a surprise, Zac Efron loves the Philippines.

Zac Efron born Zachary David Alexander Efron, is an American actor, who became famous trough his leading role in Highshool musical, along side the beautiful Venessa Hudgens, who as we all know is half Filipina. Both of them dated for a while and it is probably the first time he has been exposed to filipino culture and customs. 

Zac Efron being the adventures person he is took a short trip to the Philippines and he loved it! What a surprise, right? No not actually. How couldn’t you enjoy the Philippines.

On the Ellen Degeneres Show he has talked about his holiday, trip or whatever you want to call it. He started it off well, just after landing, him and some friends I guess took a helicopter and flew to an active volcano, to ride ATVs up lava trails and have lunch on a volcano. Naturally that must be an amazing experience. Sadly I can’t find the exact picture on his instagram that he used on the Ellen Degeneres show but here is Zac Efron on an ATV, maybe in the Philippines but almost certainly somewhere else 

He also talks about 2 girls, who are fans of him, running out from what he calls the jungle and asking for pictures. He willing took selfies with them. I believe that this made this little girls day and it is surly an experience they will talk about the rest of there life! 

I have paraphrased alot of this stuff and tried to make it short and concise, if you want to watch the interviews I found of him speaking of the philippines you will find them at the end of this blog post.

There is even rumours of him trying balot, sadly I didn’t find the interview of him speaking about it. What a legend from dating a half Filipina, the beautiful Venessa hudgens, to visiting the Philippines and getting the whole experience and even trying balot. Now I would like to know if he ever went back to the Philippines, maybe we will find out one day and know more about his amazing experiences in the Philippines.

To end this article, I am happy to see so many people enjoy the Philippines and support local businesses there, tourism is an important income source of the Philippines and famous people like actos, influencers and athletes talking about the Philippines is always great to push the visibility of the Philippines. And how could I end this blog with not showing a handsome, shirtless Zac Efron, here you go guys.

Do you know of any other famous people who openly talk about there love of the philippines? 

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Here are the videos/interviews of him talking about the Philippines: