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Why don’t you have a Facebook?

So this is me basically going on a little rant, because i just don’t understand some of you. In 2019, where social media is omnipresent and free, why do businesses don’t own a website or especially a Facebook page.

It is the easiest thing in the world, if you have a personal Facebook page you probably already know how the business page works, so you have 0 excuse on why you don’t have one.

In todays media driven society it is important to be on social media, it doesn’t have to be the core business of what you do or where you spend the most time on, but you should have one…

Usually before i go to a restaurant i look for it on instagram or on Facebook and if i don’t find it i am already less like to come to your business. I would like to see what other people said about your business. I want to saw what they ate, drank or bought. I want to fell like i have been at your shop before i have even gone. I want to feel at home.

As i said you don’t have to spend every waking second wondering on how to have more followers on Instagram or Facebook, but believe me us Customers we want to see what we get ourselves into, especially if we try a new place.

I have now just over 200 Filipino owned businesses on my Map and i have seen only a very few have a business page. Guys, this is not difficult it doesn’t cost anything. And if you are just a small business don’t waste your money on website a Facebook page is more then enough!

Here is a little guide on how to set up your Facebook Business account: