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Apparently it is common courtesy to welcome you guys to my new blog. 

So here we go! Welcome to Oversea Pinoy, a website empowering Filipino businesses.

I have pretty much said everything I have to say in our About Us page, but hey a copy/paste hasn’t harmed anyone before and this probably won’t be read by anybody, because honestly there is nothing interesting here. Well not in this blog post, but I hope you will find useful information in other blog posts. See you in the next post and I hope you enjoy

“There are about 10 million Filipinos and Filipino descents that live outside of the Philippines. One thing we all have in common is our pride and love for the Philippines and Filipino culture. 

We here at Oversea Pinoy want to give a spot light to Pinoys living around the worlds, especially those who have created businesses or pursue their passion. We find it important to support and encourage local and international Filipino owned businesses 

This website and our team will attempt to make this a reality. We have different tools that will help you find local filipino business, which you can support, but also articles and interviews that will showcase Filipinos, Pinoy businesses and their talents from around the world

We don’t want to limit ourselves on only encouraging already existing companies around the world, but we want to give you, our family, friends, readers and followers, the proof that It is possible to create sustainable businesses and do what you love. 

We truly hope this website will fulfil its purpose of bringing different filipino communities around the world together but also coming together as a nation.”

So again, welcome to Oversea Pinoy and enjoy the rest of your stay on our website. And please don’t forget to join our email subscription.