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#Trashtag and the Philippines

I don’t know if you have heard of this new trend the #trashtag. It is basically people cleaning up places, like beaches, roads, forest, will all kinds of places and trying to free it from plastic and all kinds of trash.

This is an amazing initiative and it is great to see that so many young people take proactive measures to make this world a better place. So this blog post is partly to thank people already trying to improve how we consume and encourage people to waste more.

Many Filipinos will know the problem of plastic being wasted, especially after the news that boracay would close for a certain time to clean it up and it looks so clean and beautiful now and these are the initiatives that will keep it clean.

If i am not mistaken, Palawan has issued a ban on plastic bottles and will continue to fight against trash and plastic to preserve its beauty. I found this aweful picture of a crab in a plastic cup on instagram and this should be something that doesn’t exist.

We all have to try to waste less plastic and try to live a more eco friendly life, not only to leave this world better than it was but also to give our children the chance to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Philippines that will not be polluted by plastic. It is possible and we all together can work for it.

As businesses we can also take intiatives to waste less plastic, use local and eco friendly products that can make this world only better.

Thank you again to everybody and anybody who wants to make this world a better place

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