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Top 10 Youtube videos about Filipino Streetfood

YouTube, the website where you waste hours and hours watching videos no one cares about. It is 3 am and you are still watching videos about how to sharpen knives or what music Brad Pitt likes, but most often it is some useless Fail video or Buzzfeed Top Ten.

Here are my Top ten Filipino street food videos on YouTube. I especially take into consideration the view count.

There is no particular ranking in these videos, they are all equally great

Filipino Street Food Tour – BALUT and KWEK KWEK at Quiapo Market, Manila, Philippines!

Filipino Street Food at Roxas Night Market in Davao! CHEAPEAST Street Food Market in the WORLD!

Philippines Street Food – The ULTIMATE Filipino Food Tour of Quezon City, Metro Manila!

15-Hour Filipino Food Tour in Pampanga & Manila, Philippines – HUGE LECHON with Makansutra!

Philippines traditional healthy food, Bulalo [Battle Trip / 2017.01.29]

Filipino Street Food Tour in Quiapo Market, Manila (Turon, Kwek Kwek, Fried isaw)

Try local Filipino food! [Editor’s Picks / Battle Trip]


Philippines Street Food – AMAZING Filipino Food at Aling Sosing’s Carinderia in Manila!

SHOCKING Filipino Foods! Full EXOTIC Filipino Food Tour in Davao, Philippines!

Food From The Philippines Cooked in the Streets of London. Great Street Food Experience

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