The purpose of Oversea Pinoy

For me, everything I do needs purpose. It is important that there is a reason for why you do something. So before even starting this blog i asked myself what is Overseas Pinoy Why? What is the purpose i want to reach with it?

This concept of why has been brought to my attention the first time at university, a teacher drilled in us that if and when we open a company we need a why and that everything the company/business is doing will have to be in the purpose that was decided for the company. Anybody who was in that class with me, will have a good laugh reading this, because the rest of the year, we asked each other for whatever and whenever, what is our why. Why are we in class? why do we do this or that? A little insider joke, I guess…

But to be honest with you guys this course on Why is probably the best course that I had in university, well it had the biggest impact on me. At the end of that same year we had to open a fictive company and write a whole business plan around our idea. To be honest with you we struggled, but the moment we focused on our why and thought extensively about the purpose of why we want that company, everything fell in place.

I believe quite strongly in the power of why and believe that companies can be made or brake because of the purpose. I find it interesting that the purpose of Michelin for example, is not to build the best tires but to Move forward. Which opened them a whole new world like Michelin guides, Maps or even websites now.

I guess you can imagine what the why of Oversea Pinoy is, since it our slogan and is pretty much described in our About page, but also in our welcome post. So head over there to see what i am talking about.

If you own a business or want to create a business, I strongly recommend you to know why you want to open your business. What is the purpose, and it should never be money or fame, but what drives to build up something valuable.

There are many reasons you want to do something and you will have to find your purpose!