The Future Of Oversea Pinoy

Here is just a little word on how we see Oversea Pinoy evolving over the next few month… We will continue to build and complete the MAP and it is and will continue to stay the corner stone of our website.

It is important to us not to forget what our main objective is, which is to put a spot light on different Filipino businesses around the world. Also making it easier for Filipinos and all people to support Filipino businesses around the world.

On this idea we will also try to interview as many Filipino Business people and inspiring Filipinos that will give them a bigger recognition in the community, but will also be a great way to encourage a new generation of business men and women.

We have other ideas on our minds to continue giving you the possibility to share your passion and businesses.

We will also start sharing diffrent business advices, talking about the power of social media, networking and maybe introducing some other great ideas.

We will also share more general, interesting information on the Phlippines, on Filipino Culture and other interesting and inspiring Facts.

We have some great ideas and hope it will be something that will interest you, and we hope that you will stay tuned to what will come on Oversea Pinoy. We hope for great success with a high number of monthly visitors.