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Thank you to all the Filipino Nurses! |VIDEO|

In these more difficult times, where the covid-19 virus impacts us all, I want to take a moment to thank all the Filipino Nurses who are on the front lines. You are needed right now and we all know how much you are doing for us. Our prayers go out to all of you, that you may stay strong and feel the love from all of us!

There are many nurses in my family and I understand what they are going trough! I want you all to take a moment, pick up your phones and call all the people who are on the front lines fighting this coronavirus! If you don’t know what to say share this with them. We are all thinking of you and can’t be more grateful!

What I would suggest, is comment below, the gratitude you have. Send out a word of encouragement and share this around the world, that the nurses will feel the love from us all!

LOVE IS ALL THAT COUNTS NOW and make sure to spread it!

Seriously guys, comment below and share with the world how grateful you are. This will help the nurses around the world to push harder!

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