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#stayhome! Build your social Media and Customer Service

These are special times and a lot of us are forced to stay home because of the coronavirus. This has an impact especially on small businesses, which a lot of you have.

Let me give you a few tips, how you can be more productive and prepare for when everything is over.

Prepare your social media

Social media is something a lot of us forget and neglect, which is totally understandable. It is hard to run a business full time and adding to this load is not necessary.

Now is the moment, where you can work on your social media presence. Create a website, open a Facebook, Instagram, Youtube account and start building a true following.

You know have time to create content and please do so. If you have a store, for example, take your phone and take a picture of every single item and tell the people why it is amazing and why they should come to you to buy it. is the tool we use to plan our social media. We would suggest that you have a look.

Contact your clients

Now more then ever you have time to contact your clients, just ask them how they are, ask them if they need anything. Also, ask them what they think about your business and how they believe you can improve it. This will give you the opportunity to reanalyse your business and improve.

Showing your clients now that you are there for them, will surely make them more loyal to you. Build relationships that will be profitable for your business. It is nice to be stuck at home with the family and talk over skype with the family in the Philippines. But, NOW, is the moment you have to be there for your clients and show them how important they are to you.

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