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Side Hustles for young Filipinos

So in my last article, I told you guys what an inspiration Filipino parents are, that work double as hard as anybody I know and that i wished that work ethic would rub of on some of younger 2nd generation Overseas Filipinos.

And maybe cooking food or helping somebody build an Ikea shelve isn’t for you, there are many modern ways that you can earn a side buck today. I am becoming a big advocat for the gig economy and the digital nomad. The internet is an amazing tool and it can be a great tool for some side income. (If you don’t know what the gig economy or a digital nomad is just click on links)

The most famous actors in the gig economy are UBER and Lyft, if you live in a big city in the US, you have probably heard about it and have maybe even used it, you can use your personal car and drive clients around just like a taxi. There are many success stories that are out there where people earn up to 6k $ a month, but hey then it is not a side hustle anymore but a full time job

Social Media is also becoming a tool, where you can earn quite a bit of money on the side, especially if you are good with a camera and know how to write an interesting text, maybe you can suggest to your favourite Filipino restaurant or shop to create some content for them or even manage their social media… Some of them don’t even have a Facebook, tell them about the advantages of Facebook and start building it up with them. Start small and build your Portfolio.

If you are into Social Media and are serious about it Youtube is also always a great way to earn a few bucks, but remember you need at 4000hrs of watchtime and 1000followers before earning a cent. So make sure you create some amazing content everybody wants to watch

Now there are other things you can do and especially if you have a particular skill like photography, videography or even painting or graphic design. Maybe you are amazing in coding or have a talent i can’t think of. there are many websites where you can try to build a business around your talent. My favourite I use is fiverr:

Maybe you have a talent or a knowledge you have and that you can share or teach somebody. Teach your neighbours son the guitar or whatever, does somebody not now how to swim and you do? Teach them to swim. I am sure there is something that you can do, what somebody else can’t. There is people out there today that a fortnite coaches, (gaming coach), why can’t you help your cousin to learn accounting?

For me for example, I know know quite a bit about social media and now website building, that is a skill I put forward at my job and is something i believe i could build for a 2nd person or company.

If this websites evolves in the way we imagine it will and a lot of you will show great interest in what we promote and put out in the world, i am sure we will look for people who create content, so all of you whom need a little side hustle make sure to stay tuned. Maybe you can write our next blog article.

There are a million side hustles out there and you just need to find what is best for you, delivering food after school, buying stuff on Alibaba an reselling on Amazon, going to flee-markets and selling on ebay, Taking pictures of Models around the world, there is a side hustle out there for you, there just has to be a willingness of you to go out there and do the hard work!