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Sean Evans and Jo Koy eat Filipino

Sean Evans has one of my favourite shows on Youtube: Hot ones! He interviews people while they eat hot wings! What an amazing concept and that he build a whole business around it is even more impressive to me.

In this video, Jo Koy, the famous Filipino Comedian that has a Netflix Special, shares his love for Filipino Food with Sean Evans. They go trough Filipino house rules and try some of the Philippines most famous dishes. What a great spotlight for Filipino Food and Sean Evans thanks for enjoying that!

Jo Koy, you are a legend! Your Stand up is amazing and your love for the Philippines and Filipino Food has an impact on all of us. You are a great “spokesperson” for the Philippines.

If any of you two ever want to get together and eat some filipino food, please hit me up: louis@overseapinoy.com

P.s. Jeepney looks like an amazing restaurant, I have to visit New York asap!

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