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Rosswurgh X1: Another Filipino Supercar?

Wait… what ?…There is another filipino supercar? 

After researching my last article about the Aurelio, the Filipino Business building supercars in the Philippines. I have discovered something I didn’t know. Another filipino owned car manufacturer. Did I talk to fast and talked to highly about the Aurelio? Maybe lets see together what this other supercar is about 

We are talking here about the Rosswurgh X1 and this is basically what i found on the internet

“The 2016 Rosswurgh X1 supercar is the first model designed and manufactured by Rodsburgh Motors, a small automaker from Philippines. It already received 10,000 pre-orders from customers around the world.”

My problem is I don’t find anymore information about this car, I didn’t find a website or a facebook page. NOTHING, not even a picture. At this moment writing this article I have found no evidence that this car exists! Could it be considered fake news? If you know more about this car and can tell me that I am mistaken and that this car really exists! Please email me at

Well to finish of this disappointing article without finding another filipino supercar, I will share with you again some picture of the beautiful Aurelio!

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