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Proud to wear the Filipino Flag

Filipinos love their country and their heritage, if you ever have been to a Filipino event there is at least 10 people who will have a filipino flag or map on their clothing item. And let me tell you guys you look sexy!

I am exactly the same and i remember the last time i was in the Philippines i bought at least 10 polo shirts with the filipino map on it and i searched my butt of to find a snapback with a Jeepney on which i still haven’t found.

Since the last time i was in the Philippines, I lost some weight and don’t wear those t-shirts that much anymore, but i still own one priced possession, a gift by my cousin. A Filipino Ice watch.

Ice watch was a big company back around 2010, who sold cheapish watches that look like a Rolex Submariner. They felt kind of cool at the time and i really felt special owning one with the filipino flag on it.

Somehow it was subtle enough to not jump out in to everybody’s face but it was always a great way to show how proud I am of the Philippines. I haven’t warn this watch in ages but the more I look at it and the more i write about how proud I am to wear it, the more i want to wear it. If you meet me the next month after writing this article you will probably see me wearing this beautiful watch.

I love watches and i own one or two, let’s say probably more. It is one of my dreams to collaborate with a watchmaker on a watch, maybe you know of a great company or maybe you own a watch making company. I beg you please email me:

some great examples:

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