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Positivity, Love and Gratitude are contagious

In these harder times, it is important to stay positive, share love and gratitude. We are all confined in the comfort of our own homes and have limited interactions with our friends, family and neighbours.

The way you act is contagious. You probably don’t even notice it but people always look at you and how you act now is even more important than how you act normally!

Your community needs you know to be steadfast and strong. Guys, your positivity, love and gratitude are as contagious as the virus. Your mood is contagious, so instead of being grouchy on your couch. Be positive, loving and grateful on your couch.

We all need this!

So what can you do on these different fronts to help society:


Make sure to stay positive and think about what you can do right now to change the world. There is no point in crying and being depressive. People around you are observing you. Stay positive for you and your family. Be the light the need right now! Stop sharing on your Facebook how many people are infected or even how many passed away. Instead share how many people have been healed, share ways in how we can stay safe.

Stay informed and positive.


Don’t only stay positive, spread LOVE!

Make sure to spread the love around you. In these harder times, it is easy to blame people and be angry about one or the other thing. It is key to be loving and empathetic at the moment!

This is the perfect moment to tell someone you love them and care about them. You have more time now, call your friends and family. Call people, you haven’t heard from in a while. Make sure to spread the love!


Most importantly show your gratitude towards all the people who are on the frontlines fighting this virus! Show them love and thank them. There is a big probability there is a nurse in your family.




Guys in these moments, stay safe. Take care of yourself and don’t forget!

Positivity, Love and Gratitude are contagious

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