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Pitch Us Your Business

We sadly don’t have the time to interview all of you amazing Business people around the world. We are working on it one person on a time and would love to share more of interesting and inspiring Filipino Businessmen and women.

We thought of a new way to give more visibility to Filipino Businesses around the world.

You can pitch us your business!

What does that mean? You can write 2 paragraphs explaining why people should come and visit you, buy from you or just check you out. We have a lot of readers from around the world and this will give a big spotlight to your business.

What you have to send us:

  • 2 paragraphs and not more of what your businesses is about and what makes you amazing
  • 1-3 pictures to use in the article and/or our social media

Where should you send it to?

Our team that takes care of the interviews will also take care of your pitches. Email them at