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Overseas Filipinos around the world

If you read our about page you know that there is about ten million Filipinos that live outside of the Philippines, and seeing that is just impressive. Filipinos must be one of the most wide spread nations ever.

What is actually an Overseas Filipino? It is a person that has Filipino Origins but lives outside of the Philippines. Anthony Bourdain in one of his cooking/travel shows said one of the biggest exports of the Philippines is human workforce and he is right! Only looking at my family I can see them spread around the world. This is just great, at the same time i feel connected to my family and I can visit many Family members around the world, just like i did last year in Greece. Oh, man that was a great trip!

Wikipedia saved me some time and made a list of countries where the most Filipino live. My little country, Luxembourg, didn’t make the list… Now what I am interested in knowing how many businesses Filipinos have build up around the world. I see many of you took an build amazing companies, businesses and restaurants. But i am sure i missed quite a few…

We here at Oversea Pinoy want to create the completest list of Filipino owned businesses. Help us make that a reality and email us the companies we missed at

 United States2,555,923[
 Saudi Arabia938,490[
 United Arab Emirates679,819[
 Hong Kong184,000[
 United Kingdom112,000[n
 South Korea63,464[
 New Zealand40,347[
 Papua New Guinea25,000[