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Old Maps: I own these as a reminder

I own three historic maps of South east Asia, and I am actually certain that they are quite valuable by now. My Father purchased these in the early days of the internet, on eBay and were for a long time in his office, now they are in mine…

It is a reminder to me where my origins are and from where my mother is. It is also a great reminder of the history of the Philippines! The Philippines are fighters and warriors and always made the best of any situation. The have been colonised by everybody and have a long history of being colonised but they always found there way to survive and to build on what they have.

I love these maps and i have a straight view of them from my office desk, so it reminds me that Filipinos are strong and persistent, are hard works and can build successful businesses around the world.

A note to my father, thanks for buying these and i guess I will long term borrow these. I really hope you don’t want these back, because they inspire me everyday to work hard and are a great reminder of filipino culture and ethic.