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Nike Air Force 1 inspired by the Philippines

I am a big sneaker head and have collected my fair share of sneakers in my time. My focus today has shifted from sneakers to creating businesses, which i do with a passion.

I still have a huge love for sneakers and respect people who create legendary shoes. I even respect the people who earn a lot of mine collecting and selling shoes. In the next few articles. The Resell market is a great for many young entrepreneurs.

I want to showcase some sneakers and street wear inspired by the Philippines.

This Air Force 1 is one of the first sneakers I found inspired by the Filipino Flag. A very interesting and beautiful sneaker, and you all know we Filipinos wear our Flag with pride!

This Air Force one in the picture is actually for sale on eBay! Is it worth the $5000? I am not certain, maybe lets try to recreate it on NikeID?

The eBay link: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Nike-Air-Force-1-Insideout-Priority-Philippines-Filipino-Pacquiao-Quickstrike-DS-/111702929319