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Netflix’s Street Food, Philippines |REVIEW|

I must tell you that i am in love with this mini series and I hope and pray that Netflix will come back with a second season. If you don’t want to get anything spoiled. Move over now to Netflix and watch it!

It must be one of the best travel food shows I have ever seen, it is so diffrent to everything you saw before, it isn’t about a chef discovering a new country and there food. It is not even really about the food. We are taken in a whole new world, we are transported straight in to Cebu, discovering there food, island and there people, trough the eyes of Cebuano’s.

The storytelling and the cinematography is unseen of.

The main storyline is following this fisherman, Florencio Escabas, and the story of his delicious seawater eel soup. It is a very interesting and emotional story of a fisherman turned businessman. I don’t want to spoil it to much but it made me almost cry. It is a great reminder that there will always be challenges in you life, but you can over come them and that family is everything!

We are also shown other dishes, like Lumpia or Lechon, but the main focus is the amazing fisherman.

It is a must watch, with great storytelling that will make you want to cook or maybe even travel to Cebu and try this delicious seawater eel soup.

Florencio Escabas more power to you and your work!

Let’s finish this article with something which i believe discribes the Philippines the best:

“In Cebuano (Filipino) Culture, you don’t just invest in yourself. It is about surviving as a community. There’s a spirit of sharing. It’s always about feeding not just one, but feeding everyone”