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My dream watch: PAL Tudor

You have probably read my last article on how I am proud to own that Filipino Flag Ice Watch and that I love to show it of… You then also know that I love watches and that i moved over to owning some sweet Swiss made watches. My dream is not at all to own a Rolex or a a 50k Audemars Piquet.

Since a very young age, I loved watched and owned way to many and probably lost even more. But one watch i always wanted to own is the PAL Tudor!

What is PAL you ask?

PAL is short for Philippine Airline, historicly known as Philippine Airline, is the flag carrier of the Philippines. The airline was founded in 1941 and is the first and oldest commercial airline in Asia operating under its original name. Formerly one of the largest Asian airlines, PAL was severely affected by the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

So let’s stop with the history lesson, and all you need to know PAL is a Airline from the Philippines. It used to rock and it still rocks!

PAL gave these beautiful watches to their pilots as a gift, historically watches were tools people needed in their daily life. It was especially important for pilots to own good and accurate watches. Watch brands have build there whole existence around the flight industry, notably Bell and Ross.

PAL’s answer to the demand of having precise watches was buying them from Tudor, who is owned by Rolex, uses the same technology at a cheaper price point.

None of these pictures are mine and are found on the internet. But i can’t stop looking at them and can’t stop admiring them?

If you own one of these watches and want to get rid of it for really cheap. Since i am a broke blogger. Please email me at

I love watches and i own one or two, let’s say probably more. It is one of my dreams to collaborate with a watchmaker on a watch, maybe you know of a great company or maybe you own a watch making company. I beg you please email me:

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