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More Ted talks by Filipinos

Sorry guys, but I am lazy and don’t want to start writing this article all over again. To be honest I’am probably wasting my time watching more Youtube videos. I have another blog post with Ted Talks by Filipinos, if you have read that already, skip the text and jump right in to the videos! See you at 4 am after coming out of the wormhole that is. Called Youtube. Anyhow I hope you enjoy this inspirational Pinoy speakers. 

If you are anything like me, slightly addicted to the internet and social media, you have probably fallen in to that rabbit hole where you watch youtube videos until 4 am and you have no clue where your time went! This usually happens to me when I am already busy and should probably use my time more wisely. This happened to me more then once when I should have been studying. I hope my mother doesn’t read this and if you know my mother please don’t tell her. 

One of my favourite things on Youtube is watching Ted Talks, it is a great excuse to waste your time because it is semi educational and very motivating. I have watched my fair share of Ted Talks, but never realised that there are quite a few filipinos that held them! 

Now this is really encouraging, for me being on a Ted Talk is a sign of accomplishment and a sign of being a specialist in your domain and having a certain insight in to society, technology, science or business. I had this one teacher at university that was on Ted Talks and we were all impressed and it gave him a certain validity to what he says. Was he the best at what he does? Probably not. Did we listen more attentively? Most def. 

So what a great encouragement it is to see this Filipinos on Ted Talk! Guys you deserve it and I hope we see more intelligent, insightful, talented Filipinos on Platforms like Ted Talks. 

Do you know of any other inspiring Filipino speakers? Email us at suggestions@overseapinoy.com

So here is a list of Ted Talks held by Filipinos:

As usual, I hope you enjoyed this and let’s be all encouraged by these great speakers

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