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MET GALA: Filipino designed Dress

Disclaimer: The Dress in the pictures is not the dress. The actual dress you is at the end of our article!

If you are interested in fashion or follow pop culture you know about the MET Gala hosted every year by Vogue. This years theme was a bit special and we have some real extravagant dresses.

Seeing all these glamours Stars on the red carpet is fun and entertaining

But did you notice the Dress designed by a Filipino?

If you didn’t you learn all about it here! The dress that we are talking about was designed by Carl Jan Cruz and worn by fashion editor Whitney Bauck.

The Dress is inspired by the CSA Makati uniform and it definitely has a vibe to it. We also love that has not only been photographed on the red carpet, but all over New York.

If the dress is your vibe and you are confident enough you can wear it every day!

We want to take a moment to congratulate Carl Jan Cruz on this amazing achievement. Also a big thank you to Whitney Bauck for giving him this opportunity.

We hope this will inspire many young designers and open doors for other filipino designers out there!