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MAHARLIKA: Famous Filipino Restaurant Closes After 9 Years

Legendary Famous Filipino restaurant that has its location in the heart of New York has closed after 9 years. Opening in 2011 in the East village, it has fast become popular with foodies from New York and all around the world.

The trailblazing, modern Filipino cuisine promoting restaurant was fast known around the world. It had a true impact on promoting Filipino food, but sadly it has closed after 9 years. They haven’t given any reason why the restaurant has closed.

Owners Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinidad opened in 2011 in the east village creating food from a mixture a Filipino staple dishes and American dishes a like.

What they were most known for is their famous brunches and kamayan feasts.

Let’s see what is in the future for the two owners, I believe this is not the last we have heard from them.

Here are some interesting videos from the famous restaurant:

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