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Just do it! A word of encouragement

Probably, just be using Nikes marketing phrase, but hey, it is a great one!

Plus did you notice that it is there purpose? JUST DO IT! enabling Athletes to have the best performance! I LOVE IT! Plus there last advertising was a piece of Art. Nike really has some great people in their marketing team.

Is there any Pinoys working for Nike and would like to be my plug? or well any other sneaker brand? I would love to hear from you, you know the drill email me at

Well, now to the part you are here for! We live in a culture, where we care a lot of what other people think and especially in the Filipino community, it is important on what your status is in the community. You must almost pretend to be the perfect person with the perfect family and well be perfect, with a nice office job that pays 100k a year.

But is this what makes you happy?

Why do you hinder yourself of doing something you really want to do just because others will think something or the of you?


You want to be the next Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan?


I know it is hard, it is very hard especially frowing up in Filipino families, but there is should be nothing that should stop you to do what you want to do! Yes, maybe you will fail, but there is a chance that you will survive and knowing how hard working and passionate Filipinos are there is a chance that your business will thrive!

Use what you learned from your parents and work twice as hard as everybody else. Believe, me they will be against it at the beginning, especially when it is in the internet space an they don’t understand it. Put your head down, work and grind your butt off and make them proud. They will be more then happy when you can invite them the first to a restaurant, bring home flowers for your mom and who knows maybe a beautiful watch for your dad.

There is many ways to be successful today and even more importantly the internet gives us the opportunity to do what we love and are passionate about. Be patient and do what you love! Your parents and the community will be proud of you when you make it and you can prove to them especially the nay sayers how you did with out them!