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Jeepney: Filipino Business on Vice

Disclaimer: This is about a restaurant, filipino street food and not about the legendary vehicle driving around in the Philippines. Hope none the less that you will enjoy this article and the video.

Vice is a media agency, that publishes different news stories from around the world and basically always write articles how bad the things in the world are. I guess it is because it makes for more interesting content or whatever. So when you search for Vice Philippines there is not alot of good and encouraging things that come up and that is not at all what we are about here at Oversea Pinoy. We encourage Filipino Businesses, and Pinoy Entrepreneurs around the world. We are not in the business to shock people with information, but to support the filipino community around the world.

After searching for a while a found this great video from Vice, at last a video where they showcase something positive and here they are presenting an filipino entrepreneur and who is sharing his love for filipino street food with the world. Just watching this video makes me hungry. Well i am off to the kitchen and try to cook something that is just half as good!

I really hope i will have the possibility to try this restaurant anytime soon!


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