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How To Become Rich, Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be a great source of income. Most of us when spring swings around, decide to give our homes a good clean, put stuff away we don’t need and just get everything shiny and up and running for spring and summer.

This is very it gets interesting, it is that one time a year we basically look at everything we own and decide to put it away, throw it away or keep it.

How many of you own things they will never use again? Old clothes, books, electronic devices, or what so ever?


Instead of putting it in a box under your bed and never looking at it again, SELL IT! You don’t need 100 different t-shirts and there is so many things you don’t use! SELL IT!

This is exactly what I did, I collected film cameras over the past few years but don’t use them as much anymore, I have put them up for sale on Ebay and I have earned some serious money!

This was stuff that was lying around my room gathering dust, it is a waste a space and of potential money that could make you richer.

So i can’t decide what you will sell or not, but i have gotten the bug of decluttering my room but making money while doing it!

Here are some great websites where you can sell your stuff:




You can also organise a party where you sell your old clothes or stuff you don’t need. Encourage your friends and family to buy your old stuff you don’t need.

Maybe there is even a local store that buys 2nd hand objects, this is often not the most profitable, but it is the least hassle.

I have made 900 euro this spring cleaning and i have still somethings going on EBAY, I would love to know what you can sell and how you did it!