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Filipinos are hard workers

Filipinos are hard workers and what more should i say about that, I could basically stop the article here because, I guess 90% of you will agree and the other 10% will probably never even visit this site.

Since i started this blog, I have had the chance to study and research more and more about Filipinos, Filipino Culture and there work ethic, and i am just amazed by the cheer number of Filipinos that do their job day after day with out complaining, just to support their family and when they are finished with their job they still have a side hustle where they will try to earn a little extra to support their family even more.

Now be honest with yourself, when you think about your parents or Titas and Titos, there is at least one of them that is preparing some food to sell. Am i right? I probably am. And now that for me is amazing, they have their 9-5 job which is often hard labour and then they go home to work even some more. And we under 30 complain if we have to stay one hour longer at work.

I hope this work ethic will rub of on a next generation of Filipinos that will work as hard or even harder then their parents. There are so many great opportunities out there!

And for all of you who work double as hard as the person next to you, because you want to send a little bit more back to the Philippines. You are amazing and appreciate, we love you and we want to thank you and see you as an encouragement and example of hardwork.

Thank you…