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Filipino Street Food

More and more i notice how great street food is, there is just some beauty to the simplicity of it all. I love going to fancy pancy restaurants and I have been to quite a few. But i must tell you street food is still my favourite kind of food. Walking up to a truck and buying a dish or going to that little corner restaurant with only 4 tables, oh man that is just a thrill! Nothing compares to it. Usually your hopes are high up there, but then you get something served that compared to nothing you ever tasted before.

I believe that Street food cooks really enjoy what they are doing and cook what they really want to. They don’t want to complicate things and they want to create what “normal” people like and what they like. I am certain i could find a better siopa in the streets then in a fast food chain or a fancy Chinese restaurant.

Here is a little video about Filipino Street Food, Alcohol and Pig Faces

Have an amazing day guys, eat well and drink responsibly.