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FILIPINO NURSES: We want to hear your stories!

Hey guys,

I want to try something special, something I haven’t tried before and I have no clue how hard this will be to make. I would need all of you to contact Filipino nurses around you and ask them to make a little video of max. 30 secs. and send it to us.

We want to compile a video telling your stories and post it to our YouTube Channel. Please help us tell your story!

Guys, I believe it is really important that we hear the stories of the people on the front lines and support them. I think this will show us the faces behind the masks and we can even express more our gratitude.

It would be amazing guys if you support this and I would love to share as many stories as possible.

If in anyways you can help us make this happen, please do! I would be more than grateful!

Anyhow guys, you are amazing.

Much Love,


The video of me thanking the Filipino Front liners out there:

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  • AJ

    I am a Filipino ICU Nurse.
    I just wanted to share our music videos that we made about Staying home and Frontliners. This is a very difficult time for everyone and we want to spread positive vibes and also increase awareness of the pandemic to our Filipino community.

    Here is the link.

    Music Video 1 (Stay Home)

    Music Video 2 (Frontliners)

    Thank you for your time to watch the videos. Hopefully, we can share this to all the Filipino community and especially to the Filipino Frontliners.


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