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Filipino inspired cocktail: Manila Sunrise

Is it summer yet or is it to early to order cocktails? It is never to early in the year to order cocktails! Let’s go have fun! 

It seems that every country has there little special cocktail, when I think of Brazil I think of caipirinha, when I think of Cuba I think of Mojitos. But didn’t you know the Philippines also has a national cocktail? Well I didn’t. 

The filipino national cocktail is called the Manila sunrise! Doesn’t that sound sexy? It feels summery, beachy and refreshing! It sounds more refreshing than a mojito, doesn’t it? 

This cocktail is more of a recent creation but it sounds amazing! It was only developed in 2012 by the secretary OF the Department of Tourism Mr. Ramon Jimenez in collaboration with The Makati Shangri-La. This drink was created at about the same time, that the It is more fun in the Philippines tourism campaign started. And what an amazing campaign that was! 

The drink has lambanog, flavours of mango and pineapple, triple sec, Tanduay Rhum and a garnish of lemongrass, and lemongrass. Writing this I already feel like lying on the beach, sipping on that tasty cocktail and not having another worry in the world! 

You have a Filipino Restaurants and need a new special drink on your menu, here you go! Impress your clients or friends with this drink and make them feel the power of the filipino sunshine anywhere in the world.

There is no exact guide on the internet explaining how to do this cocktail, but it seems that the explanation of what’s inside is already a great inspiration for you to create a similar drink and hey maybe you invite something new. If you try to make this cocktail, take a picture for us and tag us on instagram with #MyManilaSunrise. 

Shangri-La or Mr. Ramon Jimenez if you read this maybe you can share the actually recipe with us! Looking forward to hear from you

Let’s all go and celebrate that we at last also have a national drink and lets go and make it now and give a big shout out to Mr. Ramon Jimenez and the Makati Shangri-La. And if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, the drink is available at Shangri-la Hotels in the Philippines and in 20 other countries!

P.s. Just a little reminder guys, drink responsibly, know your limits, and don’t drink and drive!