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Filipino Husband & Wife co-created the Pilipino Stickers APP |INTERVIEW|

How are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m doing great, and thank you for the opportunity to interview me and to tell you what the Pilipino Stickers app is all about.  My name is Rachelle and I was born in the Philippines, and grew up in California. My husband Ryan and I both work in the Technology field and co-created the Pilipino Stickers app together in 2016 to promote the Philippine culture.

Tell us more about your stickers

The Pilipino Stickers app is a Philippine Themed sticker app that is available for download on the iPhone and iPad. The Pilipino Stickers app can be used via iMessage to text family and friends using Philippine themed stickers such as Filipino food, expressions, and cultural items.

How important do you think social media is today?

Social Media can be important for businesses to be able to market their product, image, and brand. It’s also a great way for individuals to express themselves and to keep friends and family up to date on their personal life.

How did you come up with the idea and what were some of steps you did to put this in place?

My husband and I came up with the Pilipino Stickers app together to promote the Philippine culture.  Based on my experiences as a Filipino, I came up with 3 categories that I felt would depict the Filipino culture the best; food, expressions, and culture.  We came up with a list of the most popular items in each category. For those items, I created the sticker art for them and then we turned them into an app.

What is your biggest achievement? 

The biggest achievement for the Pilipino Stickers app was that the app ranked in the top 100 in Stickers category (there are probably 25,000 stickers in the app store).  It was also in the top 10 in Places and Objects and currently has a 5 star rating.

What was one of your biggest struggles?  

Our biggest struggle is to reach out to the Filipino community worldwide.  Most of our sales are in the United States, but we hope to be able reach out to all the Filipino overseas.

What does the Filipino Community mean to you? 

The Filipino Community, my fellow kababayan, is a support network/family of people with similar cultural values and Filipino upbringing. 

What do you miss most about the Philippines? 

My Family

What are your future plans? 

We hope to sell our own physical stickers and merchandise on our website in the future.

A last thing you want to plug? 

You can check out the Pilipino Sticker app collection and download our app at or Check us out at Redbubble  where you can purchase merchandise featuring our art and stickers.