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Filipinas Are Taking Over The Business world

There are thousand and thousand of Filipino businesses around the world. We try to showcase them trough our interactive map and also diffrent interviews. We are proud that we could feature already some amazing people on here and hope to continue doing so…

Not only are Filipinos true entrepreneurs, but also hold high places in the business world. In “recent news”, two Filipinas, yes Filipinas have been brought to our attention. Both of them have very high positions in their respective companies and fields. This should make us all proud and prove to all of us, that it is possible to get where you want when you work hard and have dedication.

Let’s start of with Anne Aaron. Aaron is the Director of Video Algorithms at Netflix. Most of us will have no clue what she is doing, but if we understand right it is that everything runs smoothly, from episodes running continuously, to giving you the right suggestions!

Anyhow much we understand or not what she is doing, she should be an inspiration to all of us. Director of any kind and especially for a big tech company is an honour!

And then there is Josephine Santiago-Bond, who is a engineer at Nasa. She is the Head of Advanced Engineering Development Branch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. This basically means that she decides who will be hired at Nasa.

I hope these two people will be a great inspiration to you and that we will all just work to become the best we can be. The best of our field. Much more power and luck to you and let’s work even harder today