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Eco-friendly Business Tips

Now, the feedback of last weeks post about the #Trashtag was amazing and I believe it is until now the most read article we have written. It really had a lot of success and proves that people want change. It is an amazing sign, you all feel like it is important to preserve our environment and live more sustainably.

We see governments around the world taking initiatives to preserve the environment. Europe is banning plastic bags, we are moving towards banning plastic straws and much much more. In the Philippines we can see bigger initiatives, Boracay was closed for a long time to clean it up and Palawan is banning plastic bottles.

There are also many things we can do as businesses to improve the environment. So how can we create a better future while running successful businesses.

Stop printing

We are still used to print out all kinds of stuff to pass it on to clients or for internal use. Since, we have technology we don’t have to waste so much paper anymore.

Send your clients emails instead of giving them flyers. Use email, word and excel documents to communicate internally or even use Google docs to collaborate for free internally.

Make Bills optional

This one goes hand in hand with the last one, make bills optional, not everybody wants bills or even pays attention to them. Make always sure to ask your clients if they want the bill.

Also you can suggest them to send them their Bill per email, this is done by many big retailers.

In the last week, I have noticed this style of sending the bill trough email in retails stores of Nike and Ralph Lauren.

Use modern lighting solutions

There are many modern lightning solution, starting with using LED lights for your business is an amazing tool to be more environmentally friendly.

Motion sensors in rooms that are not often used are a great solution for people who tend to forget to close the light. This is a great solution for storage rooms or even toilets.

There are also many Smart lighting solutions that are more or less expensive. Starting with the Ikea solution. They sell smart lighting solutions that will surely help you reduce cost and manage your lighting better.

Close your lights

One basic solution to save a lot of energy is close your lights, it is nothing complicated, let the last person in the room close the lights. Make it office/restaurant policy.

You will not only protect the environment but also save so much money. You don’t need your publicity to shine at night or your tv to be one. Close everything you don’t need at night.

Stop using plastic and start using reusable products

Well i know many of you have have businesses and plastic is just a by product of having a business, but that is not an excuse. Today we have solutions that we didn’t think about 10 years ago. You can start using reusable straws, use bamboo plates etc. There are many creative solutions that we can use today to reduce our carbon footprint.

Going a step more far then only using reusable products, that can be cleaned and reused or that are easy to recycle, this is something that is full on trend and you can use it as marketing scheme. I am certain one or the other millennial will love you a little more if you promote your sustainable business

Find local products

I know a lot of my readers are Filipinos and that you need a lot of Filipinos products that are not available in your country. For the rest we can all make an effort to look for local and sustainable products, that you can find at your local markets or specialised shops!