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Crucifixion in the Philippines

The Vice News team attended the Good Friday celebration in San Fernando, Philippines to speak with the people partaking in the traditional and very controversial ritual.

What is this ritual all about?

On Good Friday in the Philippines, the people of San Fernando and all around the Philippines are performing a very literal reenactment of a Bible scene.

In an annual ritual, the reenact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It draws crowds of spectators from around the world to the streets of San Fernando, which is about 80km north of Manila, the capital. The News Crew says it says it feels like a movie, except that it is very real.

The participants are disguised in Roman costumes and the nails of the crucifixion are real as well. Like in the Bible story the are hammered into real human hands.

The celebrations are nor supported by the Catholic church and say that this ritual is a corruption of the Easter Message. The Death and resuraction of Jesus Christ.

If you watch the video, WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!

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