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Coming soon: USA & Canada

Guys, we haven’t forgotten you. Creating this actually took quite long and i couldn’t wait anymore to publish this site. I am to proud and to eager to hear from you, so i just had to release this website!

Give please a little more time, we love you Americans and Canadians, we are doing our best to add everything by Mid-March. There are just so many of you! You are amazing and we want to put the same care in to our research as we did for Europe an Asia!

In the meantime you can check out what we have on our blog, and there are many other businesses around the world! If you are from Asia or Europe and we forgot your business? Please email us at

We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope we will have the American and Canadian part up and running in no time.

In other News for the rest of the world: If your Filipino Business is not yet on our Map, please email us at that we can couplet it as soon as possible. Much love to all of you.