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Anthony Bourdain in the Philippines

First of all Rest In Peace Anthony Bourdain, you had an amazing, thrilling life and you took us on so many great journeys. I loved your shows, there was always something special about you and your shows. The rawness and honesty you gave us, was truly mind blowing, you changed the way we watch Travel and Food shows, but more specifically you changed the way I see food and the way i travel. So thank you for all you have done for us.

Anthony Bourdain for those who don’t know him is a chef and Tv presenter, that traveled the world and presented us the different cuisines of the world. There are 2 videos at the end of this article, that show of 2 different times that he was in the Philippines.

The one thing that made me love Anthony Bourdain even more is his love for Jolibee. In an interview he said that he sometimes goes undercover to Jolibee to enjoy their food and how can you get more of an “authentic” filipino experience, then eating at the nations favourite fast food? I couldn’t tell you.

One more time Anthony thank you for taking us along on so many great journeys and putting a spotlight on the Philippines and filipino food!