A Map of Filipino Businesses

So I have worked on this website for the past couple of weeks and I am more then proud to release it. One of the main features that drives this website is the map. 

The map is basically a search engine to find Filipino owned businesses around the world. You will find all kinds of shops, businesses, bars, restaurants, art or tattoo studios, and so on, run by Filipinos. For the most of us the map will not be very hard to understand, but In a other blog post I will share a step by step guide and a little explanation text on how to use this map and it’s full potential. 

This website and especially the Map page is there to give a spotlight to filipino Businesses, but also to encourage People around the world to support these businesses featured and the Filipino community in general. Maybe it will even encourage an new generation of Filipinos to go independent and created new businesses.

This map is a constant work in progress and will be an ever growing database of companies. There are definitely companies that I haven’t discovered yet or that are just being made! So this is a call out to all of you guys! You know of a company that is not included in this map?Help me to complete this map and make this to completest list of filipino owned businesses around the world

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Disclaimer: To have the latest updates from the map check out our Map.
You will always have the most up-to-date list of Filipino owned businesses in your area