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5 Side Hustles for Filipinos

Blog/YouTube channel

Blogs and YouTube channels are something really interesting to create and it will be more than just earning more money. You will learn a lot and you can put yourself forward in the best light.

Build a blog/YouTube channel about something you are passionate about, but also something that could be useful to you later in life. Imagine you want to be investor, start writing articles about finance when people will google your name they will find your finance blog.

This is what we do here at, it took us a bit more than a year to earn back all our investments, but we feel inspired by the people around us.

Ridesharing/Food delivery

A great way to earn a little pocket money. If you work every day from 9-5, you have still about 4-5 hours every night where you can jump in your car and drive people around. Plus this will help you to network and learn how to speak and understand customer. Being this close with people will help you understand their needs and maybe you will find a solution to one of their problems and you can commercialise that.

If you don’t have a car but a bike maybe food delivery is the right thing for you.

Theses are really simple ways to earn extra money.

Popular ride sharing apps:


Popular food delievery:



This is a great one, you have a skill you want to teach someone? You can ask someone money for it. You are a genius in Math or economics or whatever, you can give tutoring to the people around you. You can fast build yourself a name and ask more money for it.

A lot of Filipinos know how to play the guitar and sing, it would be a great idea to teach it to your friends. Create an ad on Facebook and say you are a guitar player with X amount of years experience and you ask less than a music school. Proposed a free lesson and I am more than certain you will find clients right a way.

Many people also want to learn new languages, my advantage for example is that I speak French. People actually pay money just to speak with you in a language they are learning right now. Maybe this is something for you?


Do you have a skill that is online-based? Do you have Photoshop skills? Do you understand marketing, social media or can create amazing content?

There are many websites that propose you to freelance for companies.

You don’t have a particular skill, what I see a few people propose is to be a Personal assistant. Check out the websites at the bottom, maybe you have a skill that can be commercialized. Maybe now is the time to learn one and propose them on one of these websites.

I use this websites quite often to create something for me. I recently bought something that I bought from Fiverr, that will soon be released to you.

Website to propose your service:


Flip things (buy and sell)

This is my absolute favourite and something I do quite often, I love going to flea markets, buy stuff that are undervalued and sell them on eBay. There is so many great stuff out there that no one wants that you can sell on eBay or craigslist. What I have even done is buy stuff on Facebook marketplace and sell it on eBay.

It is also a great excuse to clean out your house and sell it on the internet. I love love love selling on eBay, it can learn you so much, everything from product photography and copywriting.

I like to specialize in a special niche, people will come back to your page because they know you for it. For me, it is vintage watches and analogue camera, but I am planning to venture out to art.

eBay is a great tool to learn the business and it can build the addiction you need to sell stuff. Again I love selling on eBay. The high you get from making a profit is just amazing!

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