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5 More Side Hustles for Filipinos

Create and sell stuff

This is something that I am planning to do for Oversea Pinoy, since we are growing as a community of like minded Filipino people wanting to inspire each other, I am actually planning on creating stuff and selling it.

This is a great way to earn money, it will give you the satisfying feeling that you create something and also that people want to buy what you create. This doesn’t have only to be clothing related, even though everybody wants always to start a T-shirt shop. I am sure there is a skill you can that will help you create something interesting.

Something my family is quite in to is pottery and selling it on markets. Maybe something artistic is what you can sell, who knows… Create and sell my friends this is a great way to extra money and satisfaction.

Would you be interested if Oversea Pinoy created merch? Please tell us guys.

Propose a service

This is something you can do offline and can earn some great pocket money with. Handy work is a great example. You are quite skilled with your hands and now how to fix stuff at home. You can work weekends and do propose your service. This is something that is quite often asked, less and less people know how to fix their stuff at home. This is a great opportunity for you.

Something I know is very common with Filipinos is catering. You can cook you are amazing food for big groups and parties. I have family members that even cook for offices and they “take out” every Thursday. We, Filipinos love cooking, so if we cook we do something we love and earn money at the same time. If I could give you a tip is venture out of only Filipino Food, I am sure you will have more business.

Babysitting and house cleaning are other great options. There are many other things you do.

Propose your services, great way in to more money. Do something, you love and your hobby will become a great side hustle

Online surveys

Online surveys are also a way to earn a little money but don’t expect to become a millionaire. There are many other ways to earn money, with one survey you earn between $0.20 to $1.

This is something you can do in front of the TV while you watch Netflix or on the toilet instead of scrolling trough Instagram. I would suggest you would do something else.

You will find all the links online, I don’t want to suggest you any because i think there are better ways to earn money.

Rent your spare room out

Maybe you have a big house or apartment and have an extra room you rarely use. Renting out your spare room is a great way to earn a little money. If you own the house it is also a great way to help reimburse you mortgage.

You have to comfortable that strangers will come in and out of your apartment and will use your stuff. I heard of people you sleep in the car so that they can rent out their whole apartment. Maybe a bit extreme, but hey they did a lot of money.

A room can cost between $70-$100, if you rent it out for ten days a month, you will have fast earned an extra $1000.

Content creation & Social Media Management

This one is for all my young readers out there, I am sure in your family somebody owns a business. They don’t have a website or social media. Propose them you service of create a website, Facebook page and social media management. You can start off doing it for free and they will fast see how this will grow their business. After a while, you can ask them money for it.

Even without the money, it will help you on your resume. You can tell the world that you were the social media manager of your parents restaurant and that because of you, the restaurant was fully booked every night.

The other 5 ways to earn more money:

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