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2019: Filipino Businesses in France

There are only few Filipino Businesses in Europe and it is easy to find a business near you if you use the Map function of our website. I still decided to do a post of the different countries in Europe!

I lived in France for 5 years and sadly there was no Filipino business around me or even a big Filipino Community. I guess there are bigger communities in bigger cities like Paris or Marseille, but apperantly not in Strasbourg. Hopefully that will change, who knows!

Here is the list Businesses in France:

Pinoy Store18 rue Mesnil
75016 Paris, France
Trocadéro/Iéna, Victor Hugo, 16ème
0033 1 47 04 57 56/
Palawan Restaurant 24 Rue Falque
13006 Marseille, Frankreich
0033 6 67 94 21 68
Aian Delices Food15 Rue Sainte-Marie
65100 Lourdes, Frankreich
0033 6 20 40 81 03/

If your Filipino Business is not yet on our Map, please email us at that we can couplet it as soon as possible. Much love to all of you.

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