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1000th Filipino Businesses on the Map

Now if this isn’t a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is… There are now at this moment over 1000 Filipino Businesses (Filipino Restaurants, Filipino Markets, Filipinos Shops, Filipino Commerces) around the world.

I am continuing to add businesses daily on this map and there are still 4 states missing but wow, this is just amazing and encouraging. Of the 10 million Filipinos that live outside of the Philippines at least 1000 of you have decided to open businesses!

The 1000th business i added is BigBoi and here is proof…

Go check them out, there instagram makes me so hungry, and crave Ube!

Thank you all of you for the inspiration and hope to find many many more and for those who are thinking about opening a businesses… here you can see it is possible!

And if we can find away to get that ube butter, I would be more than grateful!

If you want to find Filipino businesses near you go check out our map and hopefully someone has opened a business near you, if not… maybe it is a great opportunity for you!

If there are any businesses we didn’t find or are not yet on our map, please email us at:

Much love from all of us at Oversea Pinoy